New Slapstick is here to make and help you make visual comedy.

On this website, you’ll find information about our shows and workshops – as well as how to write sight gags, analysis of successful performers and reviews of visual comedy shows – all designed to help you make your own shows and films.

Please contribute with comments, thoughts, opinions and suggestions!

The writer is Chris Michael.

In that time he has performed over 4000 shows to over half a million people in circus, theatre, festivals and schools.

Chris mostly  performs as Mr Holloway, a typical low status character in the style of Mr Bean, Chaplin’s tramp, Stan Laurel and Norman Wisdom. e mainly works with his theatre in education company MOMO Theatre. But he has also been the solo outdoor entertainer at Legoland Windsor, the first clown at Gifford’s Circus and is now concentrating on developing work for theatre audiences.

Having been a teenager interested in all things vintage, he came to watch hours of old comedy films. The world of visual gags gave him an outlet for his natural clumsiness and together with his lack of height he was a shoe in for a life of clowning.

He is fascinated by the unique craft of clown performers in all their forms from the traditional red nose circus clown to the modern film and animated characters of Hollywood and Pixar.

CHRIS pic montage.jpg

From top left clockwise: Mr Holloway in The Silly Seasons, The Shoemaker in Wild Boor Ideas’ The Elves and the Shoemaker, Walkabout Clown Act, Mr Holloway, the Assistant in MOMO Theatre’s Fossil Fools.

2 comments on “About

  1. Dear Chris
    It was very nice to meet you last night. I will send you a link to my film once I get the answer from local film fest ROOFTOP FILMS. Hope you are enjoying your time in NY and I am sure you will love Bill Irwin/David Shiner’s show. Here a link my a photograph I did of Bill quite a few years ago in my studio.
    Talk soon I hope.

    • Hi Jim, Nice to meet you too. Sadly, the link doesn’t lead to a photo. Maybe a cross continent problem?! We loved Old Hats – and are very sad to not be in in NYC anymore – it was quite a holiday.

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