New Show in Development

This is an exciting year as New Slapstick is launching two new projects during 2017. The first is a theatre show, the second is a theatre and online project. I can’t give anything away just yet but you’ll be the first to know!    

BBC News’ Wordlessness Debate

Click here to watch.  

Cal McCrystal Super Director

This is a good introductory read about the techniques of clown super-director Cal McCrystal. Most usefully, it highlights some games that he uses to generate clown material.

How Seinfeld Writes a Joke

I just came across this terrific post from the New York Times in which Seinfeld reveals some of the process of writing a comedy bit.   Spot on, of course. And despite being about verbal comedy, it reveals a lot of the important aspects of visual comedy – rhythm, brevity and reincorporation.

Why Not Use Words?

There is something really odd about a character that doesn’t talk. Silence holds a unique tension. Stillness is the same. They create a wonderful expectancy. Think of being in any situation with a group of people, one of whom never speaks. What would you think of that person? I not against talking. I’m definitely not against […]

Tell Us How You Feel, Make Your Move.

Thanks To Jonathan Lyons at / Stupix for this link. I thought I’d briefly look at what the “yellow” character is doing so well. SHARPNESS I love the way this actor is so distinct in his movement from one body position to another. He snaps in and out of poses using all the extremes of his […]

A Year of The Silly Seasons

Can you be jealous of a film? The Silly Seasons has been seen all over the world this year. In fact, it’s been to New York and Minnesota – my top two places that I’ve always wanted to visit! It has been an incredible surprise that film festivals have scheduled it. Thanks to all the […]