New Theatre Show in Development


I’m very excited to announce that preparations are well underway for a new show due to tour from May 2018.

In 1917 Chaplin released his short film “The Immigrant”, a story of people optimistically arriving in America to start a new life.

One hundred years later, in 2017, America introduced the most controversial immigration policy in the nation’s history.

I am adapting Chaplin’s short film and developing new material to represent the experiences of today’s immigrants to America.

Look out for previews of material in the next few months.



New Slapstick Films are Go!

It’s been three years since I challenged myself to fulfil a long held dream.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to make a series of films inspired by my heroes. Jacques Tati, Chaplin, Jerry Lewis, Norman Wisdom and the Marx Brothers have all given me so much happiness, that I wanted to do the same.

With filming and editing technology becoming so easy to use, it became an achievable prospect. And in the last few months, the emergence of sites allowing you to sell downloads easily has meant that I can now offer each episode at a price comparable with the big distributors.

So, if you can, please share the link with friends and family – and maybe even download an episode or two!

It’s been an incredible few years and I look forward to your feedback over the coming months.

For now, here’s the official webpage. I hope you enjoy it!


The New Slapstick Film NOW AVAILABLE!

Things have been manic getting the first New Slapstick films through post-production.

We are so pleased with the results. And here’s a sneak peek…

You can download each episode for just £1.99

Or, if you’re in the UK,you can get the luxuriously packaged DVD! (A perfect stocking filler!)

While the proper website is being created, here are the links for downloading:




EPISODE 4 (Christmas):

I hope you enjoy them! Please let me know what you think.


Thanks for all your support over the year.


Funny Feet Film Trailer

This is quick post just to encourage you to have a look at a new eccentric dance film.

Betsy Baytos is trying to raise money through Kickstarter to finish a wonderful documentary about eccentric dance – the most complete and far-reaching documentary I have ever seen about the topic – by quite a stretch!

Have a look here:



Our hope is that New Slapstick is a resource for everyone involved in visual comedy of any kind.

We’re putting our money where our mouths are and creating films of our own. To have a look at the attempts so far, click here: