Absolutely wonderful.” Bernard Cribbins

Mr Holloway must be the silliest gardener in history.

In four beautiful, seasonal episodes, filmed on location at Cogges Manor Farm in Oxfordshire, Mr Holloway tries to grow everything he needs to live the good life – from fruit and potatoes to firewood and decorations.

But will his plans take root, before his problems get overgrown? Or will he get snowed under before his enthusiasm grows cold? Can he nip his troubles in the bud before he ends up in a pickle?

Mr Holloway is a classic comic creation in the style of Mr Bean, Jacques Tati and Stan Laurel.

“The Silly Seasons” is perfect for children, parents and grandparents to watch together.

Running Time: 60 mins approx



3 thoughts on ““The Silly Seasons” Film

    1. Hi Ayd. Thanks for all your comments. The film will be available from the New Slapstick website – and certain high class retail outlets! I’ll keep you up to date on the blog.

  1. I receive your DVD and I viewed it last week.
    Thank you to sent it to France.
    It love the beautiful place of the garden and the house.
    It gives a very nice flavor to your film and gives desire to visit England too.
    Your actions and acting are prefect and very helpful for me to learn about.
    I keep going to visit your website many times.
    It gives a lot of helpful and precious informations for comedians like me.

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