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How to Write a Comedy Scene

Here are some simple things that you can do to make a great comedy scene. There are no absolute rules – but here are some ideas and examples to get you started. Characters Try and make your characters as exact as possible. Give them an “attitude” – which is a bit like an emotion, or […]

How to Get a Laugh

Here’s is a really simple way to get a laugh in almost any scenario… on stage, film or animation. I am going to call this technique a “transition”. So how does it work? There are 3 simple stages. Part 1: Be Emotional! Reacting to something with a clear emotion will really help a gag work. […]

Performer Analysis: Larry Griswold

Thanks to Tim Eagle, aka Skinny Bean for this clip. This isn’t just a presentation of great acrobatic skill, it is also a perfect example of how repetition in front of a live audience generates wonderful comic detail. Larry Griswold’s sharp fumbles and pacey pratfalls are the result of years of adding new ideas and […]

Creating Simple Double Act Material

This blog should help you create some funny material quickly and easily. This Martin and Lewis routine is a really good example of one of the ways you can generate some great content. I want to concentrate only on the section from 2.23 to 3.03 Here are the 9 steps: 1. To make things easy: […]