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Funny Feet Film Trailer

This is quick post just to encourage you to have a look at a new eccentric dance film. Betsy Baytos is trying to raise money through Kickstarter to finish a wonderful documentary about eccentric dance – the most complete and far-reaching documentary I have ever seen about the topic – by quite a stretch! Have […]

Performer Analysis: Bill Irwin

It’s strange how a world opens up to you when you start exploring. In the 1990’s my emerging obsession with visual comedy led me down some bizarre avenues.¬†One of these was buying a book called Modern and Post Modern Mime by Thomas Leahbart. It was such a strange title that I couldn’t resist! That book […]

Old moves never die… they just get reincorporated

This week I attended an eccentric dance workshop with Barry and Joan Grantham – authentic music hall performers who have shared a stage with Max Miller. Before I went I googled up a few eccentric dance videos to see what I was in for. “Wow… what the heck is this?” I thought. And not in […]