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Slapstick Festival 2013 – Peter Lord and Nick Park in Conversation

A packed cinema in the Bristol Watershed was a perfect setting for this very modest evening with the two giants of British animation. Peter Lord lead most of the evening in authoritative style, with regular contributions from the charmingly self-effacing Nick Park. There was no intention of a lecture-style through-line to the evening, but throughout the […]

Performer Analysis: George Carl

There are better quality clips of George Carl on youtube, but this is my favourite. The audience is right behind him which gives a great fluency and sharpness to his schtick. George Carl is probably best known to modern audiences for his role in the film “Funny Bones” as an old variety entertainer who never speaks. Carl is […]

Why Do Visual Comics Use Weird Voices?!

Shut up. Shut UP. SHADDUP SHADDUP. SHUUUUUT UUUUUUUP! That’s the standard reaction I get when I do my (terrible) Jerry Lewis impression. It’s not just my Jerry Lewis. It’s my Norman Wisdom, my Peewee Herman and my Jo Pasquale. I have always wondered why  so many comics use these high pitched (some might say annoying) voices […]