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The Immigrant 

In 1917 Chaplin released his short film “The Immigrant”, a story of people optimistically arriving in America to start a new life. One hundred years later, in 2017, America introduced the most controversial immigration policy in the nation’s history.

Chris has re-envisaged Chaplin’s short film and developed new material to represent the experiences of modern migrants.

“The Immigrant” is a heartwarming, hilarious story of an innocent starting a new life in an unfamiliar country. He battles prejudice, poverty and policy pronouncements but soon he has the opportunity to show everyone his worth and something changes…

Tour dates for 2019 coming soon!


Education Shows – MOMO Theatre

MOMO ellerbeck and holloway

Chris performs a wide range of educational shows for schools and festivals with MOMO Theatre which he co-founded in 2001.

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The Vintage Clown

Chris performs regularly for cabarets and variety nights as The Vintage Clown.